Travel Resources

Cheap Transportation


      • Skyscanner: A great app for cheap flight searches- whether you have a flexible schedule/ destination or not, it will give you a comparative list of prices from various companies.
      • Kiwi: The only platform that offers multi-flight combinations on the web.  This is super budget friendly, especially for long-haul flights. They even guarantee a free flight if their transit flight do not work out!
      • Secret Flying: If you have no timeline or a set destination, why not sign up for this site and do a spontaneous across-pacific trip for less than a out of state flight?


      • Megabus: Megabus is the best! I’ve booked a ticket from Paris to Brussels for $1.50. It didn’t require a cat fight either. As long as you book around three weeks or so beforehand, it is super easy to get a cheap ticket. Not only is the service through major cities in Europe, it is also operated in US and parts of Canada.


      • Rail Europe: While you can get nice sky views in a plane, there is nothing like crossing Switzerland and looking out the window to see plains of green and blue. Traveling by train is just a whole other level of peace, especially when they have decent student discounts!
      • Via Rail: In Canada, we may not the luxury of extremely affordable plane tickets, but we do have decently priced trains. Via Rail is the go-to if you are visiting the Great White North!


Budget Accommodation


      • Agoda: A great budget hotel platform that provides results world-wide. Some of their stays have thousands of reviews, which is super helpful if you want a luxury getaway at an affordable price!


Other Travel Needs


Honestly, I suck. I always leverage free trials in different programs to determine whether I prefer the service or not. Below, I list several things with a 30-day free trial. There’s no harm to trying it out right? 😉

      • Amazon Music: You should know Amazon. Well, they got a free 30-day unlimited trial going on!


Equipment & More

      • Nikon 3200I currently use Nikon 3200 and love it! You can tell from my posts that late 2016 on wards, after purchasing an actual DSLR, my photos turned out much better than when I used Samsung for everything. I am also thinking about upgrading to a Canon 70D because I’ve heard amazing things about it.
      • GoPro Hero 5The quality of this little thing is incredible. I currently use a China-made GoPro-like sports camera and have realized how regrettable it is. Although the camera I have is just as handy, the camera quality is nowhere as good as GoPro’s.
      • Fujifilm Instax Mini: I love capturing moments and seeing the results on film right away! I’ve always loved Polaroids because  they are super fun to play around with, and the pictures always turn out right! This is great fun to have if you are always on the fun like me.
      • Body Wallet: Obviously I don’t leave the country without stacking a body wallet under my shirt for all my money and IDs. They are usually super bulky and ugly, but StashBandz somehow made it into a nice, decent looking thing. Impressive!

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