Stuck inside your Border?

Travel can leave you breathless. Yet, we are often bounded by structure and limited by expectation.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case. This page contains pre-travel inspiration for a good read.



mountain view himalayas asia

Travel Inspiration: Get up and Go

Get up and Go Dropping everything and taking the time to travel can be a difficult decision. Not only is ...
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travel the world

Get Sponsored to Travel the World

Traveled the World with Sponsored Trips! The most daunting topic for traveler-to-bes, is money. With Airbnb and other cheap accommodations ...
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travel around the world

Travel around the World: Making Money on the Way

Travel around the World: Making Money on the Way Aside from the safety factor, another discouraging topic is money. Being limited ...
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budget accommdations

Budget Accommodations

'Budget accommodations' is music to my ears! Finding a good, decent place to live on little to no money is ...
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budget air

Cheap Flight Hacks

Budget Air Fare Prices for airfare have increased drastically over the past several years. Yet, finding a good deal is ...
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lady travel

Solo Female Travel Tips

I started solo traveling in the summer of 2015. While the past two years are only the beginning of my ...
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