Travel Inspiration: Get up and Go

Get up and Go

Dropping everything and taking the time to travel can be a difficult decision.

Not only is the prospect of facing the unknown formidable, but there always seems to be some obligation at hand.

It may be school, your next job performance review or a house payment. But when reality hits, plans of exotic islands and thrilling journeys goes up in smoke.

And puff, they are gone.

Yet, the reality that we perceive is never ending.

That next bill, that next payment, that dinner or social gathering or function.

They never stop.

When it’s too late, we will realize we were tricked by the most unforgiving foe –


But let us discuss life.

Its curiosities, fascinations and spectacularity are at the breadth of our reach.

It takes one step to pop the safety bubble.

The one step will expand your mind, free your soul.

And no, traveling is not just soul searching. It is a venture facilitated to understand the world at large.

When you can put yourself into perspective, there isn’t a task you can’t accomplish, a challenge you can’t take.

When you start trusting strangers around you, you will start to trust yourself.

When you experience different cultures, you will be overwhelmed with the beauty of diversity.

When you stand atop the Great Wall of China or at the foot of nighttime Eiffel Tower, amid the hot air balloons in Cappadocia or the steps of the Taj Mahal in India, you will feel like a part of a world so vast, a people so different, a bond so strong.

Truth is, there isn’t a perfect time to travel.

The days will go on and the routine of living will stay intact.

But there is the right time to travel.


Let go of the excuses and the doubts and the second guessing and the regrets.

Start planning your adventure now.

Possibilities are endless.

Get up and go.

Get up and go

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