How to Couchsurf #2: Couchsurfing without Couch-surfing 4 comments

Couchsurf without Couch-surfing

So you’ve briefly glanced over a post on the pros and cons of couchsurfing and see yourself traveling like that in the future. But fear and danger cloud your vision and hesitation runs strong.

face of fear

It’s all good though since it is possible to test the waters before the big dive.

I was extremely hesitant to start surfing before I started surfing. In fact, it took me a few attempts to write out what I presumed was a decent request and send it out. Of course, they were all rejected or ignored. It wasn’t until a few months later when my friend visited me in Europe, that I began my surfing quest.

After using CS for a couple years, I’ve noted the various ways that one can try out the couchsurfing culture before taking on the lifestyle.

CS meetups

Couchsurfing meetups are common is big cities. From weekly gatherings to monthly bar nights, a lot of cities are extremely active when it comes to meeting fellow travelers. These get together are generally attended by local CSers and travelers, and is a great way to get a sense of the couchsurfing culture. Of course, meetups usually come with incredible experiences that will further fuel your love for traveling.


Like meetups, active CS cities usually have tons of events throughout the week. Whether it be a house party or a group tour of downtown L.A, there are an endless number of opportunities to meet other travelers and discover the city. You can also bring a friend or two to share the experience (and prevent potential calamities).

In the events’ page, many people also post ride share offers and trip agendas. Having looked up my hometown Toronto’s rather crammed listing of events, I noticed things ranging from religious gatherings to birthday parties. Trust me when I say there is something for everyone.

CS Hangouts

Just this summer, CS released a new function called “Hangouts”. When you list yourself as available to hangout, others in the area will be notified. Messages will be exchanged and times will be set up, but all in all, it is just a fast way of meeting local travelers who want to, well, hangout.

couch surfing

These are three simple ways to meet local hosts and surfers without committing the act of living with a stranger. Of course, they may not represent the actual surfing experience. But with a taste of the culture and its people, you will def become more comfortable with the idea of accepting others into your home, or vice versa. (Couchsurf ftw)

Happy Travels xx

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