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Things to do in Berlin: the Unconventional

Berlin gave me a handful of memories. My first solo trip in Europe at the age of 15, was to visit a friend in this city. I lived with her for a month, attending high school mid the gloomy month of December, celebrating Christmas with her fabulous family and welcoming New Years with arrhythmic dance moves atop a metro station. I loved everything about the city.

So it was not a surprise that I decided to visit Berlin again. But this time, my stay was absent of the charm of Christmas markets, bright lights and teenagehood of West Berlin. Instead, I decided to explore the city on the other side, East Berlin’s hipster-like neighbourhoods and abandoned buildings.

Throughout my three day visit in Berlin, I fashioned the most ridiculous outfit, no short of a sweater tied to my side and a ski mask turned beanie.

My friend and I decided to couchsurf with a community set along the Spree, a beautiful river that flowed through the city center.

No surprise here, “Teepee Land” was occupied by a number of travelers, hippies, and artists of all backgrounds. All the teepees were made of recyclables from the city.

Teepee Land, Berlin

Abandoned Hospitals Hippie Hideouts

Teepee Land

If you are confused with what’s happening, trust me when I say I was too. The place was awesome, don’t get me wrong. With couches and tents and newspaper for rooftops in a huge unattended space, it was hella homey for someone like me. Surfers and others appeared in and out of the tents to greet us.

We were introduced to some minor rules, no hard drugs, don’t steal, and whatnot in-between. It was pretty great to see people leaving their luggage and bags chilling around the camp knowing that they were taken care of.

teepee land

That night, we met a French Shaman who was about to head back to the Riviera to attend a Shaman festival.

We nodded knowingly along his tales of tree spirits and drum playing and wild forests then later googled Shaman up:

  • a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing.

Hmmm interesting

hippie in Berlin

Zombie Hospital

But how could our trip just end with Shamans and teepee land and night runs (our failed attempt at crashing Berghain-one of the hardest clubs to get into?)?? No, Berlin is so much more than that.

We had to end it with sneaking into an abandoned children’s hospital.

Abandoned Hospitals Hippie Hideouts

Zombie Hospital

Its safe to say that Berlin is a beautiful city. There are loads of green space and wide roads,  a huge contrast to say, Paris’ narrow streets and busy city space.

Nevertheless, my favorite part of the trip was the visit to Berlin’s Zombie Hospital. It is an abandoned hospital situated in Weißensee.

Weissensee's “Zombie” Children's Hospital

But trust me when I say this was not usually my thing. I’m the kind of person that can’t even complete a horror movie trailer on Youtube. If it weren’t for my friends being the brave souls they were, I’d never have set foot in a place like this.

Then again, it is not all dark and gloomy ;J

The Banana Room

Abandoned Hospital

The Heart Room

Zombie Hospital

two idiots

What happens when you leave two idiots in the same room? ^

The hospital itself was not hard to find. It is located at Hansastraße 178-180, 13088 Berlin (Weißensee). We got there by taxi, it was around €15-20 from East Berlin. As long as you are not afraid to get down and dirty, the place is practically inviting you in!

While the gates were locked, there was a convenient hole somewhere along the fence. There are a total of 4-5 buildings to explore. From the children’s different colored’ rooms to walls of graffiti and chalk, it was a good 2 hours spent wandering around the (possible) living situation for them brave hearted.

Beware of the manholes around the buildings! There were several hidden enough to cause some damage. Either way, I would not come here at night. It was a bit scary despite the well lit setting.

Total Cost

We stayed in Berlin for 3 days. Since we couchsurfed, living expenses were eliminated. We spent the nights walking around the city and visiting most tourist attractions by foot.

  • The hop on hop off bus that we took was around €20
  • Interactive theater experience was €15
  • Public transportation was a few Euros each way but since we lived near the wall, it was decently easy to get around by foot.

Overall, the 3 day stay was less than $65 (Including the Blablacar from Hamburg).

If you have other questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

Thanks to my beautiful friend Camila for these beautiful photos. Check her out here.

Happy Travels xx

Pins for later reads!

abandoned buildings children hospital

Abandoned buildings zombie hostpital

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28 thoughts on “Abandoned Hospitals Hippie Hideouts | Germany

  • anjalis12

    This list is so cool! I LOVE cemeteries and graveyards because I think they are so intriguing and beautiful, contrary to popular belief, and these places seem just as interesting! The Zombie Hospital looks awesome.

  • Ivy

    Ohhh man I’m a big wuss. Abandoned places give the heebie jeebies and I’d never dare set foot in one of these haha. Especially hospitals because they remind me of that place in Silent Hill! I applaud you for your courage and curiosity

  • Cali

    That feature photo is super eerie!! I love the idea of exploring abandoned buildings. I often travel and explore alone, but I would not visit these places alone!! Great post!

  • Kyla

    Are you technically allowed to go into the Zombie Hospital? It looks super cool, and sounds even more interesting since you have to “sneak in”. Is the entire place painted like the pictures here?

    • Daisy

      Noope, not technically allowed but there really isn’t much security around the place :p, and yes! Since it used to be a children’s hospital, most rooms are painted. Don’t know whether that makes it more creepy or not

  • wrlblog187

    The first time I went to Berlin it was also to see the Christmas markets and I instantly fell in love with the city! I’m dying to go back and now that I’ve read your post, a trip to the abandoned hospital sounds brill! Thanks for the travel inspo. R x

  • Delaine Dcosta

    I visited Berlin 3 years ago … & guess for what? Christmas Markets! I had no clue about these abandoned buildings or else I would have definitely visited (not at night though). I love how colourful those rooms are … they kinda remind me of streetart. Looks like I’ve gotta head back there again.

  • Suzanne

    Hmm, never saw the hipster side of Berlin. Travelers seeking an alternative experience will eat this up. The abandoned hospital seems a bit scary to me but at least it’s pretty now.

  • Sonja

    Wow this looks like so much fun! I had no idea there was something like this in Berlin. I always think of it as a very historical place, but I love finding out about other sides to places. I think I would be creeped out in an abandoned hospital though!!!

  • Paulina

    Wow that are some true hidden gems tht you are sharing there! I loved the Teepee Land… it seems like a different world. When traveling to Berlin, I will definitely consider these tips.

  • Samantha Sparrow

    I adore Berlin, its one of my favourite places in Europe because of its history and quirky vibe, I had never heard of this abandoned hospital though, it should incredible to visit and see all the street art and painting there. It sounds like you had a really different kind of stay in Berlin to the one when you were 15!

  • Mel

    whoa! That’s an experience most people won’t have in Berlin. It must have been pretty interesting hanging out with the Shaman in the teepee village. And the graffiti art in the Zombie Hospital is amazing. I wouldn’t want to be there at night, either, though.

  • Gareth

    Wow, this really does look like a unique experience. Saying nothing of the interesting characters you meet in this hippie hangouts, it’s great to see how people are capable of transforming derelict buildings into places that are not only likely to attract visitors but are in their own right, warm. Love the pics of the heart hospital and don’t feel too bad about Berghain, it does seem IMPOSSIBLE to get into

  • Alice

    Oh my god you must have had the coolest experience! I would love staying in the teepees, it must be an interesting stay to say the least. Especially with a shaman in the area :p were they bathrooms with showers ? I dream to visit the zombie hospital. I have no idea if I would freak out or not but I would definitely do it!!

    • daisydukins

      Hahaha, nooope did not shower for 2 days and had to sleep with my hair tugged mighty tight in my beanie cause I was worried I’d get lice :'(

  • Rhiannon

    Oh wow, I’m SO jealous of your time in Berlin! So different to the usual tourist experience, but so cool! I’ve never heard of this hospital or Teepee Land but they both seem like such cool and unique experiences. I love exploring abandoned buildings (especially at night!) so I think this is something I’d really enjoy!