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Things to do in Quebec City

Quebec City tu dis? (Basically all the French I know after 4 months in Paris, a month in Quebec and numerous years of class)

After coming home to Canada from my 5 months’trip around Europe, I was pretty depressed. While I love Toronto to the moon and back, these North American cities just lack the charm of the small streets, rich cafes and altogether laid back atmosphere of Europe.

But I was completely smitten by the charm of Quebec City. Although I only had one day (10 hours) in the city, I managed to see a handful of tourist attractions by foot.

Château Frontenac


The Château is one of the most luxurious hotels in Old Quebec. Its castle like structure overlooks St Lawrence River. Visiting the hotel and having lunch on the terrace is a great way to spend the morning. Often, musicians would showcase their talent by the Champlain Monument.

Wikipedia tells me that the Château is the most photographed hotel in the world. I wouldn’t be surprised, as its magnificent physique compelled me to take loads of unskilled and vaguely satisfying pictures. The hotel itself was built to attract wealthy travelers. With the average rate for a standard room ranging from $229 – $741, I was like,

 Nahh not today. :’I

Old Quebec


The walk from Château Frontenac to the lower town of Old Quebec was fast. It was a downhill hike that lasted approximately 10 minutes. The neighborhood was crowded by tourists and restaurants. Cafes and gift shops lined the streets. We had lunch at one of the little cafes and enjoyed the view.

Despite Quebec City being some 5000 km away from the tip of Europe and divided by the roaring Pacific, the city maintained old school charm and sophisticated class. Yet, it was nothing like Paris’ uptight mannerisms. Rather, it reminded me of cities along the French Riviera- simple, relaxing, happy.

Then again, I was on vacation.

After a few hours, we headed back uphill to catch a bus towards the Montmorency Falls .

Montmorency Falls


Montmorency Falls is a waterfall some 12 km away from Quebec City. There are several ways to muse at the waters- either partaking on a hour long walk from its tip top to the bottom, or by cable car for CAD $10 one way. You can also get a bit crazy and hop on a zipline for $25! Of course, I opted for walking along the stairs. It was a magnificent view, having the waters below me while crossing the bridge and befriending a rainbow. To get a bit more wild, stand on the platform just beside the waters as seen above. You will be showered and set for days, within seconds.

Coming from Toronto, I have to say the waterfall is nowhere near the magnitude of Niagara Falls. But angry not Québécois, Montmorency is 30 m higher than Niagara*

Back in the City


Following the Montmorency Falls, we had some time to walk around the city. The streets were much quieter away from Old Quebec and tourist areas. While the bar was a bit far from the key tourist zones, Le Bureau de Poste is a great place to have a quick bite. The bar has the authenticity of a bar/restaurant but is less than the price of a Big Mac! In fact, their entire menu is priced at $5!!

quebec city

We ended the night by walking along the city wall. The wall had a beautiful view of all of Quebec City. It was great to have a bite in peace while overlooking the streets that buzzed with traffic and people.

Total Cost

The #800 bus between the Montmorency Falls and the city was around CAD $3.00 for a single trip. In terms of food, we had a delicious burger at restaurant Le Chic Shack just across the street from the Château. Their burgers are extremely tasty despite being a little pricey. You can visit them here. The restaurant provides a nice view of Rue de Fort, but it can get pretty rowdy with all them tourists.

Otherwise, I spent CAD $10 or so throughout the day. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up eating at Le Bureau de Poste due to its massive line. But feel free to pay them a visit here.

Happy Travels xx


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