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There is so much to do in Morocco. From admiring its beautiful architecture to visiting vibrant bazaars, the country offers both culture and sight seeing.

Below is a list of five things I found most representative of my trip to Morocco.

5. Experience the wind-whirl streets.


Most of Morrocan cities I’ve visited had countless crisscrossing streets. Carts selling fruits and handcrafted jewelry appeared everywhere. It was a hot and enjoyable mess of people, noise and traffic. While it might be somewhat overwhelming with the number of street vendors wishing to gain you as a customer, the experience was great. Nevertheless, it is extremely easy to get lost, and not the safest for those travelling alone.

4. Drink mint tea for water and enjoy lavish Moroccan breakfasts.

5 things to do in Morocco



Mint tea accompanied breakfast, lunch and dinner. We drank the overly sweet yet extremely addicting tea everywhere with anyone. The tea didn’t just serve as a symbol of Moroccan cuisine, but it defined the collectivist culture that Morocco happily embraced.

It was a form of relaxation after a day at work, a gesture for welcoming others to one’s lifestyle, a note of appreciation for those around.

Similarly, Moroccan cuisine is an experience. The breakfasts are massive and full of variety. Fresh jam and juice accompanied pastries and bread. Butter, cheese and olives are some of the many accessories to the table.



3. Live in a riad

5 things to do in Morocco


A riad is a traditional Moroccan house with an interior garden of sorts. They possess the designs of elegant Moroccan establishments. These stays are comfortable and homey. Similar to hotels, a riad provides well equipped rooms and (usually) a full breakfast. However, unlike hotels, they are more homey and less formal. Staying at a riad is like sleeping over at a good friend’s house, with their mother tirelessly serving you coffee and tea. In fact, a number of riads we stayed at are family businesses.

While it can be costly, riads are definitely worth a stay.


2. Ride a camel in the desert and spend a night with Berbers

5 things to do in Morocco

Spending a night in the desert is a must-do in Morocco! The experience was unforgettable. While the 2 hour camel ride may not be the most appealing form of transportation, the serenity of the night sky amid miles and miles of sand should be enticing enough.

Our hosts, a group of Berbers played music and danced in the tent space that was provided for us. We had some of the most delicious couscous and saw the most beautiful night sky!

1. Visit the bazaars

Bazaars are an enclosed marketplace that houses various vendors and merchants. The range in products is endless. From daily necessities to delicate crafts, there is a lot to see.

I absolutely loved the buzzing of the place. The flows of people walking around admiring others’ handiwork, the loads of bargaining between buyers and sellers and the beautiful colors of the merchandise form an animated and lively atmosphere.

Needless to say, bazaars are a key element in Morocco culture. And Morocco really does them well. That is why this is #1 on my Morocco to do list.

Total Cost

For 6 days including ground transportation in and between cities, accommodation at beautiful riads (mini palaces) with half board (breakfast and dinner), excursion in the desert (camel, tents and entertainment) and transfers to airport, we each paid €200. Considering the amount of traveling, we definitely got a bargain deal!

The rest of the money I spent were in bazaars. I couldn’t resist the temptation of buying souvenirs!

If you’d like to know the tour group I traveled with or have other questions, feel free to shoot me a message! Otherwise, you can read more of my 6 day adventure in Morocco here.

Happy Travels xx

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