Get up and Go

Dropping everything and taking the time to travel can be a difficult decision. Not only is the prospect of facing ...
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morocco-mountain Africa

Get Sponsored to Travel

The most daunting topic for traveler-to-bes, is money. With Airbnb and other cheap accommodations on the rise, a small budget ...
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My outdoor kitchen in my apartment in India

Surviving in New Delhi on $3 a Day | India

Note: I did end up loving Delhi! (A little) New Delhi If you’ve ever lived in India, you would have ...
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Boat in Hamburg

18 Travel Moments: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

1) The day I spent by myself soaking up the heat in Blue Lagoon, an outdoor spring in Iceland. It ...
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Biker friend in Denizli, Turkey

Living with Bikers in Denizli | Turkey

I think I am a little obsessed with couchsurfing. Of course, people travel for different sights and views and the ...
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hot air balloons in cappadocia

Cappadocia Escapade: How I saw the Hot Air Balloons for Free | Turkey

Nevşehir, a province located in central Turkey, is famous for its sightseeing activities. From its valleys with strange looking stone formations to ...
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Dark hallway in Zombie Hospital with my silhouette

Abandoned Hospitals Hippie Hideouts | Germany

Berlin gave me a handful of memories. My first solo trip in Europe at the age of 15, was to ...
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Chefchaouen, blue city in Morocco

A Week in Morocco

To be honest, Africa in my mind has always been a region populated by wild animals and natural habitat. Of course ...
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Old city Quebec

A Day in Quebec City | Canada

Quebec City tu dis? (Basically all the French I know after 4 months in Paris, a month in Quebec and ...
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paris at night

Paris Travel Hacks | France

I lived in Paris for a good 4 months. Too long? Maybe. But I did manage to navigate the city ...
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A man making some bowls in a Ceramics Factory in Fez, Morocco

5 Things to do in Morocco

There is so much to do in Morocco. From admiring its beautiful architecture to visiting vibrant bazaars, the country offers ...
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cinque terre

15 Days Across Italy

Ready for Italy? Italy in 3 months is ambitious. Italy in 15 days is ruthless. However, if you’ve only got ...
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